now Sunnybank.

 Shire Lane, Chorleywood,


 For Dr H. R. T. Fort, nominally for the Rev. Matthew Edmeads.


House and doctor's practice. Near The Orchard.

The walls are roughcast, the windows have stone dressings and iron casements and the roofs are of red tiles.



Link > Photo by Phil Beard on flickr



Photo by jacqofspeed on Flickr



Contemporary photograph of the front elevation
published in Wendy Hitchmough, C F A Voysey, p. 147, pl. 10.
RIBA Photographs Collection.
There are three photographs of the house at the RIBA.



Unexecuted design,
published in Stuart Durant, C F A Voysey, London 1992, p. 108.
RIBA Drawings Collection

NOTES: The ground floor plan shows the two entrances to the house,
one for the family and the other for the patients with the waiting room
and consulting room on either side of that second entrance (Source: RIBA)

Link > RIBA Drawings Collection (Hollybank)



Plans and elevations,
published in: Wendy Hitchmough, C F A Voysey, p. 146, figs. 8 & 9


Link > RIBA Drawings Collection (Hollybank)


Link > RIBA Drawings Collection (Hollybank)


Drawings Courtesy of The Royal Institute of British Architects.
Photographs, drawings, perspectives and other design patterns
at the Royal Institut of British Architects Drawings and Photographs Collection.
Images can be purchased.
The RIBA can supply you with conventional photographic or digital copies
of any of the images featured in RIBApix.

Link > RIBApix (Voysey Images)

Link > RIBA Drawings Collection (Hollybank)



The Builder's Journal & Architectural Record, XX, 1904, pp. 270-271.





The Voysey family moved 1864 to Healaugh near York.
The young Voysey may have been impressed upon the double gables
to the right of The Golden Fleece in York.

House in York with double gables (not by Voysey)
 photo by North Yorkshire Cameraman on flickr



House in York with double gables (not by Voysey)
photo by papabear9 on flickr



The Elizabethian townhouse was built in the late 1590s with double gables,
image on archiseek



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